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If I had known how much it would change my life, I would have had LASIK years ago!
When put in a social situation where they might become anxious sufferers have symptoms such as a racing heart, trembling, blushing or even sweating.

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They had a fairly good date once, granted it was the result of a bet but still. What are your thoughts about my selection of each one?

It's a very influential piece; various fans continued some of the pairings, and others started following the same trend - writing various Soulmate AUs in the universe with multiple ships. The younger partner is born with the words, the older receives the words the moment the younger one is born. I've also included entertainingly badly Photoshopped images of each pairing by me, in the hope that they might help you to visualise the characters together... I've also added my own cheesy hair rock (mostly) soundtrack for which I am entirely blaming Peter Quill.

To put it as simply as I can, we need to learn more. And we need to give this mutant question more time. Deborah Risman: My job there [HYDRA] was to create a weapon. Based on data HYDRA had stolen from a project codenamed: Weapon X.

This has caught us all by surprise, but isn't reason for any of us to judge people solely by their differences.

(he teleports next to her; she gasps) We're right beside you. [Cyclops and Spyke look at her blankly.] Oh, right. [to Jean] Like, what is it with guys and explosions anyway? Professor X: You've been carrying a terrible burden for many years, Mystique.

(he teleports agains on the opposite side of her) Popcorn? Rogue's recent contact with you seems to have given her some of your darker memories; nightmares about a very unfortunate incident involving an infant.