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Updating ipod nano software erase music

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i Pod Linux is a project to port Linux (actually u Clinux, a derivative of the standard Linux kernel) and associated userspace utilities to the i Pod.Rockbox is a project to create cross-platform music player firmware from scratch, with the goal of being the best music player possible. If you are somebody who gets all hot and bothered seeing a bash prompt or you want to run various Unix/Linux programs on your i Pod, then i Pod Linux may be for you.This will backup everything, and along with it, the Music playlist that is on the i OS device, with a side effect of matching the two music libraries, thereby preventing autofill from dumping unwanted stuff onto your i Phone / i Pod / i Pad.Remember, if the current backup doesn’t match up with your current music playlist, the difference in music will be what is attempted to transfer over.Then, connect your i Pod Nano to the PC with USB cable.Once your device is detected, i Tunes will show i Pod management screen. Pop-up would appear to confirm if you wish to restore your device or not. Then, another pop-up would appear and would prompt you to update the software to the latest version, in-case if it is not so. The system will also prompt you to enter your i Tunes user id and password.Rockbox works on all models except the Shuffles, 3rd, 4th and 5th Gen Nanos, the 6th Gen (Classic) and the Touch. The supported models are also listed on the Rockbox home page. The only answer that we can give you is that it will be ready when it is ready.

The first step is to download the latest version of i Tunes on your Pc.Typically if you manually manage music, you can add some music with a simple drag and drop song transfer that will not force syncing of everything in i Tunes.But if the i OS devices music library has been pre filled through a recent sync or backup, it will try to autofill more stuff along with that action, regardless of whether you are manually managing music or not.We’re offering two solutions to this nuisance, one is quite simple, and the other is a little more convoluted simply because the Auto Fill behavior is overly quirky. Because the i Tunes Music Auto Fill list populates itself based upon your most recent i OS backup made to i Tunes, you can simply make a backup in i Tunes that is new and freshly updated to get around the weird autofill behavior.This works because the backed up playlist into i Tunes now matches the playlist on the i OS device, preventing the behavior of the unmatched playlists trying to match each other.This guide was written using an i Phone as an example but it is mainly the same for other i Pods, although there are different plugins depending on your i Pod model.