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Anyone who knows me or has read will understand why that tweet woke me up. Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me, so I clicked on the link to see what Pastor Mark was up to.The link took me to a video from the series entitled, Ruth—Redeeming Romance.This 55 minute message is an excellent guide for youth dating. good coaching empowers people to discern God’s will and take appropriate next steps for their personal and ministry development…Coach Net partners with ministry leaders around the globe to help you fulfill your God-given mission of developing leaders.” For further information, please email the YFC Canadian Coach Net representative: Brett Andrews at [email protected] Young Leaders Reach Kingdom Dreams” This program is designed by Carl Nash of Youth Unlimited (Toronto Youth for Christ) to help young Canadian Christian leaders act on what God is calling them to do with their lives.With a title like that, I was not surprised to learn Driscoll views the book of Ruth as a romance between Boaz and Ruth and sees Boaz as the Kinsman Redeemer hero who rescues Ruth from her abysmal life as a single impoverished woman.

It was, he says, "like a second family." Around that time, Lance says he "did something I shouldn't have done." (I told Lance I wouldn't divulge his "sins," but they were amorous indiscretions that anyone who isn't a fundamentalist Christian, Jew, or Muslim would find extremely minor.) Lance said he "felt like a hypocrite," so he voluntarily confessed and submitted to six months of counseling and spiritual probation.To seal the deal, the prospective member must formally agree to submit to the "authority" of the Mars Hill leadership.Driscoll, the church's cofounder and public face, has made a name for himself with his strutting, macho interpretation of Christianity, one in which men are unquestioned heads of their households and "chick-ified church boys," as he calls them, need not apply.Naomi, Ruth’s widowed mother-in-law, interprets his unexpected generosity towards her daughter-in-law as romantic interest.Nothing more comes of it until Naomi gives the hesitant lovers the nudge they need, offering Ruth what Driscoll considers very bad and morally questionable counsel.Performance causes us to be enslaved to others’ opinions, unable to say no, and prone to being overworked.