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People draw all sorts of inspiration and lessons from personal anecdotes and stories.
We know that shared beliefs are the best foundation for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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: This is so weird looking back on it, but I did not let Lennon come to the hospital the day of my surgery because I knew if I saw her I would lose my mind.I really don’t wanna spoil too much of it but that scene on the bench outside the house that I have with him where I tell him I can’t have him come, that was something that really happened to Lennon and I, only we were at a parking garage, and we were both sobbing while people were trying to pay. He’s always going into a chamber where you sit in water for an hour and a half and meditate. : This season, Zach’s character went to Greece and he came back with many treasures that he got from an old fisherman who had one eye but a mind full of wisdom. And he makes me do something called “soul stares.” Socratic stares, where he stares into my soul and asks it a question. Are there people you know would be perfect, but who hasn’t done the show yet?

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: Did Anthony tell you how we make him be our love interest? ” So, in the show, I tell Mark, “I can’t have you at the hospital,” and he ends up sitting outside. ” He’ll give you like a caricature of yourself driving a tiny Corvette as a present. It seems like you have specific ideas for this world and who should be in it.

Honoré‘s profound depth of field is almost suffocating, his colors are voluptuously saturated, his fixation on cherubic faces and critters is highly symbolic, and his contemplation of landscape is blissfully existential.

It’s a fetchingly eccentric vision that speaks to both Honoré and his characters’ bewitched view of life.

(Dunham calls her “the queen of recognizing what a scene is missing.”) Konner, now in her 40s, also brings the vantage of an older generation to the show.

Their dynamic is familial, too; on the set and in life, she and Dunham are nearly inseparable.“Lena, will you tuck your necklace in, baby?